Page Speed Insights

It's all in the name. Developed by Google Page Speed Insights (PSI) will test and provide insight on the load times of your web pages in the form of reports.

Performance summary

The PageSpeed software will test the performance of both mobile and desktop versions of a website or page scoring them out of 100.  If a site scores below 90 it means the site is of average speed and you should consider optimising the, site this is indicated by the score being colour coded and only appearing green in the 90-100 range.

The 50-89 range is average speed and is highlighted in orange, with 0-49 and red being an indicator of a slow site.


Lab and field data will also be provided for your website. Lab data refers to data collected in a control environment will highlight any performance issues caused by debugging. The metrics for field data is limited but still incredibly useful as its a great indicator of user experience.
Much like the summary performance score the lab data results share the same colour coding system with green being fast.
The lab data metrics include: 

  • First Contentful Paint
  • First Meaningful Paint
  • Speed Index
  • First CPU Idle
  • Time to Interactive
  • Estimated Input Latency

    There is more involved in calculating the speed for field data metrics. PageSpeed Insights will look up the chrome user experience report for the URL it's auditing, if the CrUX dataset is available the First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID) is reported.

    The speed designation comes from the combined results of the FCP and the FID. For the field data of a website to be considered fast both the FCP and FID have to be fast, If only one is fast but the other is slow the overall field data will report the site as slow.

    FCP is considered fast when the speed is 1000ms or less, everything above considered average or slow.
    FID is fast when it has a speed between 0-50ms, with anything over 250ms being thought of as slow.


    The findings from the website speed audit are sorted into three distinct categories.
    The passed audits section lists all the areas where your website has performed well by having a quick load time. This section is often skimmed over as it wont help you optimise your site, only highlight areas that you shouldn't mess with but is a nice bit of praise.

    Diagnostics is the section which will provide you with more details about web developments best practices.

    By far the most appealing feature which many developers greatly appreciate is the opportunities section of the audit. Here the elements on your page that are slowing your site down will be indicated. Dont go thinking this is a missed opportunities section because in this section the software will make recommendations on how to optimise each element that fell short of the desired loading speed.

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